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BA - Hair Apparent

This website is owned and operated by Fortooh Management

Our goal is simple:
To provide the highest quality, non-surgical hair replacement affordable to all. At the same time, we want all of our customers to be well educated with the products before they commit to a sale!

"There is no price on honesty or integrity. Here, its free of charge!" - BA- Hair Apparent

E-mail BA at FortoohManagement@gmail.com

Do you want to know more about this entire process, what to do, what to order, what it''s all about, step by step? Click here for our newbie guide.

How to order :

You can make your own template , To do this you just need to follow a simple instruction guide, Then complete the order form and send in a hair sample for exact colour match, When it is complete pay using the shopping cart.

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Our Contact/Shipping address:
Fortooh Management
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Windsor Ontario Canada
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