New To Hair?

You might be asking yourself, how does this all work? What am I getting into? Well the facts have always remained the same...

First and foremost, do not get mislead by a hair replacement company sugar coating things and putting spin on this type of hair replacement with terms like "Hair Systems", "Ultra Custom", "System Graft" Etc. Etc. They all sell the same thing, and that is simply a piece of material with hair in it that we call a hairpiece that you glue or tape to your bald area. It's as simple as that! And what's more, is these companies want you to pay them $300, $500, $800 and some even ask for $1,000 or more for the same product.

People often ask, "Do these hairpieces produce a natural looking results?"

Yes it does, check out photos of our customers in the photo gallery here there is many photos of pieces and customers of ours. The fact of the matter is that you can get natural looking hair at a fraction of the cost of other hair replacement companies prices. ASK and we will supply it, BA will guide you every step of the way, If you need anything please just E-mail us direct at

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